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The National Do Not Call List

Compliance with the Canadian National Do Not Call List (DNCL) is easy with Call Tracker. Your copy of the relevant part of the National Do Not Call List (DNCL) can be uploaded to Call Tracker for reference by all members of your organisation. One file transfer informs everyone at the same time. There is no need to make copies and share them around. There are no worries about someone not referring to the latest data.

Internal Company Do Not Call List

Compliance with the rules for your internal company Do Not Call List is easy using Call Tracker. Every call made will be queried first with Call Tracker, where it is checked against both the National Do Not Call List and your own internal do not call list. In the course of the call if you are asked to add the number to your internal corporate do not call list, then a click of the mouse will do it. From that moment, Call Tracker will tell everyone else in the company not to call that number. No need to update or circulate lists. No time delay.

Permission Based Marketing

You can put your client lists into Call Tracker, and when a number is queried, even if it is on the National Do Not Call List, you will be told it is OK to call. Contact entries can be set to expire if they are based on a past business relationship or are otherwise time limited. You do not have to remember not to call after they expire, Call Tracker will tell you.

Call Tracker Works Everywhere

Call Tracker works everywhere there is internet access. It does not matter how scattered your employees are, if they have internet access then they can use Call Tracker and get up to the minute information on your do not call list and client data. Fast and easy to use, it is no trouble to get information on any phone number before calling.

Regulatory Compliance

Call Tracker keeps a log of every change to the Do Not Call List data and of every number queried, with the results and explanation. You can see why you should or should not call. If an investigation takes place you will have the ability to show
  • that you queried the Do Not Call List
  • that the Do Not Call List was up to date
  • that you have an Internal Do Not Call List
  • that you keep your Internal Do Not Call List up to date
  • that you use that Internal Do Not Call List
  • that you maintain permission based marketing data

Call Tracker reporting capabilities make it simple to show the activity around a certain time or telephone number, and keep you ready to respond to allegations of abuse.