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Call Tracker

Inverhuron Business Information
Services Inc

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Getting Started

Call Tracker is an application to facilitate compliance with the Do Not Call List regulations for Canadian phone numbers. Details of how to subscribe online are shown below. A demo system provides an opportunity to experiment with the same software as is used on the live system.

The simple steps to getting started are:

  1. Download the manual or read it online.
  2. Connect to our server and try out the demo system.
  3. Contact us by email, phone or fax about any questions or concerns you may have.
  4. Sumbit an application online or by regular mail:
    • To apply online complete and submit an application form


    • To apply by mail fill out a contract for service
      1. provide company information for report headings and for billing purposes
      2. sign the agreement on behalf of your company (an officer of our company will sign our spot on the form)
      3. mail the completed data sheet and contract to us
      4. we will reply with your account setup information
  5. When your application has been approved we will prepare your dataset, create your logins and send you your password(s), along with your first invoice for service.
  6. Begin using the service.
  7. If you decide to continue using the service then be sure we receive your payment within 15 business days. If you decide not to continue the service let us know before the 15 days are up and there will be no charge.

Even if you don't have a company server, you can still use this Do Not Call List system, because we host it for you and provide access to it over the internet.

We look after your data, make sure it is secure and regularly backed up. We maintain the database and take care of any program or database problems. An initial setup fee gets you started. After that, a basic monthly fee maintains access to the Call Tracker service. (See our schedule of fees.)

We will download your DNCL subscription data for you on a regular basis. If you require daily downloads then you can either have us do them for you ($36 per month) or do them yourself.

Advice and consulting is available on an hourly fee basis.