Welcome to the Call Tracker System

Click on 'Lookup' in the menu on the left to take a test drive using numbers in our imaginary test area codes 222 and 333.

For more advanced features you may log on (Name/Pass) as test1/demo1 or test2/demo2 or test3/demo3: test1 is a basic user, test2 is a power user, and test3 is a supervisor.

Be sure to have popups enabled for calltracker.ca and use your TAB key (not the Enter key) to move beween fields. TAB is to the left of the letter Q on the keyboard.

Browser Compatibility

Call Tracker is designed to work with FireFox (get Firefox here).
Call Tracker also works well with Google's Chrome.
Since Safari is closely related to FireFox and Chrome, most features work with Safari, but never use 'Enter' with Safari!
Most Call Tracker features also work with Internet Explorer, though Internet Explorer has occasional problems with some of the more advanced administrative functions.
By all means, try Opera, but we make no promises ...

Yes, there is documentation

See the Help > About menu entry for instructions and a copy of the manual.