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Call Tracker

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Call Tracker for DNCL (do not call list) Compliance

Call Tracker is designed to help real estate, mortgage and insurance professionals and other companies save time and money while complying with the Canadian do not call list telemarketing regulations.


  • Tells you if a number is safe to call or not, and why
  • Keeps your do not call list data up to date
  • Records activity to help show due diligence
  • Imports and maintains an in-house do not call list
  • Imports an individual or company client list
  • Provides client data maintenance
  • Records call details and call backs

Call Tracker is a better way to comply with the Canadian Do Not Call List (DNCL) requirements. It is a Canadian solution made in Canada for use in Canada to protect Canadian businesses from regulatory fines and Canadian consumers from accidental telemarketing violations. Use Call Tracker to combine your own Do Not Call List (DNCL) with the National Do Not Call List (NDNCL) and track your own list of clients and contacts you have specific permission to call.

Because Call Tracker operates as an internet service, it can be used by anyone from anywhere to keep immediately accessible records shareable by all your people. Enable your employees to share and maintain company calling records up to the minute, and help avoid potentially costly mistakes.

Nothing on this site should be considered legal advice. Consult your lawyer or the CRTC on legal matters regarding the Do Not Call List (DNCL) and telemarketing regulations.

Unless one of our customers has called you, this is not the right place to complain about a telemarketing call. Neither is this the place to put your number on the do not call list. See the CRTC site at www.lnnte-dncl.gc.ca for either of these purposes.

To use Call Tracker YOU WILL REQUIRE A CRTC DNCL SUBSCRIPTION. It is illegal to resell the DNCL, to sell prescrubbed lists of numbers, or to allow anyone to use DNCL data for which they do not have a current subscription. We are registered with the CRTC to provide third party services for current DNCL subscribers who want help using their subscription to scrub lists or check numbers.

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