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Software Costs

The cost of software needs to be considered in the context of the benefits it can deliver to your organisation. Call Tracker is intended specially to help Canadian small businesses with DNCL compliance.

To use Call Tracker YOU MUST HAVE A DNCL SUBSCRIPTION, OBTAINABLE ONLY FROM the CRTC official site. It is illegal to resell the DNCL, or to provide access to DNCL data or sell lists of prescrubbed numbers to non-subscribers. See their rates (look for What are the subscription rates?). Please do not complain to us about the CRTC rates. We do not make the rules, nor can we influence them, nor do we make any money at all from the subscription you buy from them. We cannot subscribe on your behalf.


Call Tracker is designed to be run using a browser from any computer connected to the internet. We do not sell our software directly. Instead, you purchase the right to use it on our servers on a monthly basis that includes a small fee for each number you identify as OK to call. This is a practical and effective solution, especially for small business users.

  • initial costs are minimal
  • most database management and backup is handled for you
  • carrying costs are small
  • all costs are 100% tax deductible
  • there is no minimum contractual commitment
  • costs are closely related to the results you achieve

Fees as of March 2012

A basic account can have up to 100 users who can together acquire a total of 1000 good to call numbers per month (about 2000 list queries). Businesses that mainly rely on existing relationships and permission based marketing are unlikely to exceed this basic quota. Basic quota query rights expire at the end of each month. Organisations who rely mainly on cold calling to generate sales typically generate more query activity. You can purchase additional query rights in advance or as needed using PayPal. Extra query rights are bankable. Unused queries automatically carry forward month to month and can be refunded at the end of your contract term.

The initial setup charge is $60. The basic maintenance fee is $10 per month. NDNCL integration for non-exempt organisations is an additional $12 per month. Charities, newspapers, survey companies and politicians are examples of organisations that could be exempt depending upon the nature of their telemarketing activities.

Included in the basic monthly fee is an initial download of your NDNCL subscription and periodic downloads after that. We guarantee to download at least weekly while your subscription is active. We do downloads for all of our subscribers on most days, but if you require it then for an additional $36 per month we will guarantee to do a download for you every day.

You can opt to have us bill you in advance for monthly usage over and above the basic allowance at a rate of $1.50 per 1,000 callable numbers. If you need to purchase extra usage (available through Paypal) then the cost may be slightly higher.

See the chart at the right for a tabulation of charges. You may use the calculator to determine costs tailored to your particular needs.

All applicable taxes are extra. A VALID CRTC DNCL SUBSCRIPTION IS REQUIRED.

Free Trial Period

Billing frequency depends on the annual amount due. It will be quarterly for amounts over $100 per month, twice per year for amounts over $50 per month, or annually for lesser amounts. Payment is due in advance except at the commencement of service when 15 days grace are allowed to provide a trial period. The balance of unused months can be refunded without deduction provided we receive written notice in advance by mail or email.

Administrator accountincludedincluded
Supervisor accountincludedincluded
Basic users, maximum 100includedincluded
Area code 1st$12.00-
Additional area codesincluded-
NDNCL download$36.00-
Usage prebilled$1.50 per 1,000 OK to call
Usage PayPal$1.50-2.25 per 1,000

Calculate a Price

Usage: calls per month expected    
We are exempt
(newspaper, politician, charity, etc)
Please download daily ($36/mo)

For up to 100 basic users with NDNCL integration the cost will be $60 initial setup plus $22 per month, plus all applicable taxes.

If you choose to migrate off our system, and notify us in writing (email, post or fax), we will refund pro rata the balance of fees for unused whole months and for unused prepaid queries. You can capture your data directly from the report screens, or we will dump and forward your data at our hourly rate. There are no back end exit fees.