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Call Tracker Demo System

The demo uses fake area codes and data. For details see the right hand panel. When you have checked your browser and settings and understand the instructions below,

start the demo

Browser Requirements

For Call Tracker to work properly, your browser must

  • accept cookies to support retention of login status
  • have popups enabled for message boxes
  • have javascript enabled to support Web 2.0 interaction
You can enable some of these features for the calltracker.ca domain only.

We recommend Firefox as a fast, lean, reliable and standards compliant browser. Most functions of Call Tracker also work with Internet Explorer and Chrome. You are welcome to try any browser you like, but if you encounter difficulties bear in mind our recommendation.

Logging In

Choose your login and password from the list on the right and use it on the demo system in the white boxes on the blue menu bar at the left of the screen, which you will see when you start the demo.


Note the pink help bar at the right of the screen which gives you basic information about how to use each screen. It begins with an overview of the menu navigation.

Use the TAB key rather than the Enter key for entering data. This is particularly important if you use Safari as your browser. For example, when you log in click on the Name box and type your choice of user name from the list above, then press Tab to move to the Pass (password) box and type the appropriate password. When you next press Tab, you will get a login message.

There is no functional difference between the live and the demo systems, and no features are disabled on the demo system, with one exception: you cannot upload Public Do Not Call data on the demo.

Demo Data

It is illegal to allow a non-subscriber to access Do Not Call List data so the demo system is preloaded with FAKE data for IMAGINARY area codes 222 and 333. The do not call numbers are the odd ones from 2221234567 to 2221234621 inclusive, and every 6th number in area 333 from 1234567 to 6354517 (835,326 numbers in all). Users of the demo may have added other public, private or client entries.


Three test/demonstration logins are available on the demo system:

  1. User name test1 password demo1 is a basic user
  2. User name test2 password demo2 is also able to upload Do Not Call data
  3. User name test3 password demo3 is a power user with access to all company management and reporting